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  • Why we are here

    We believe that TIME is our most valuable posession. That is why everything we do is designed to challenge the status quo of daily business operations. People thrive in freedom and balance. We innovate, so that you can have more of both.

  • How we do it

    In order to bring our vision to life we created FLOW: The #1 internal workflow analysis and implementation service. FLOW focuses on each individual inside your orginization and identifies their unique needs, thereby creating workflows that are fully custom catered to your business.

  • What you can expect

    Our experts will interview each of your employees to understand who they are and what they need to thrive. Through our in-depth analysis of your orginization FLOW identifies areas of improvement and provides you with tools and solutions to make your operation as efficient as it can be.

  • Innovation

    TIME is valuable to all of us. Our mobile app solutions bring the innovation of FLOW from large orginizations to consumers. From the luxurious comforts of iCommand to the evermore useful applications of Smart Farm. We are driven by our vision.

  • What you can do right now

    We challenge you to take good look at your orginization and ask yourself: "How do we spend most of our TIME?". We created a free guide for you that follows the structure FLOW so that you can begin saving time right now.


Click the iMac and read real stories of those who experienced flow before you.

  • "Everything we do is designed to help people have more free time. Everyone should have the ability to allocate their time where it is needed most. We empower people with the tools to make that happen."
  • Smart Farm"What Wolvings has done with this app is incredible. I can control an entire farm from my phone, from anywhere and I see live data about all that I need. Sometimes we had to drive for 20 minutes to turn off a pump, which we can now do with the push of a button. After a while we asked them to manage the entire project for us and their Flow process changed how our entire team operates for the better."

    Bob Farinelli, President, Smart Farm
  • Stream-Surfer"Zac is an expert developer. He transformed our vision of iCommand into innovative luxary for our clients. I am proud that these guys are part of the Stream Surfer family. Their contribution to how we run our development team saved us countless of hours every year."

    Lee Bennett, CTO, Stream Surfer
  • Clyde Butcher"We had some internal processes that were incredibly tedious, which kept Danielle super busy. But they were very important so we never questioned the process we used. Robert and his team saved Danielle 248 hours a year on only the first question they ever asked me!"

    Jackie Obendorf, CEO, Clyde Butcher
  • Omega"Patients in our industry need expert information. Most of what we do is build on trust so we value our patients needs highly. We used to spend quite a bit of time getting patients all the information they needed. Today we give patients the same value, but we spend considerably less time doing it."

    Jim Coker, CEO, Omega Health & Wellness
  • Nau-T-Girl"A few years ago I really wanted to launch my own nauical jewelry line online. Robert and his team came in and gave us a detailed blueprint of how we can achieve our goals. Three years have gone by and because of their system we now have 19 retailers across the east caost and a sales system that virtually runs itself."

    Pam Duke, Owner, Nau-T-Girl
  • FFTC"We used to spend 20 hours every month organizing TSA and SEVIS documents for our students. These documents are needed for our audits and they are highly sensitive and personal, such as passport scans. After Roberts team implemented their blueprint all the documents started to organize themselves, they are in the hierachy I needed and encrypted as well. Our audits are a breeze now."

    Arne Kruithof, President, FFTC

We can work together

because time is our most valuable possession.

How it works

the interview
Fill out our application
Tell us about yourself
Tell us when to contact you for 45 minute interview
During the interview, we will determine which Flow is for you
We will be in touch within three business days

Small Business Flow

Limited Openings

$ 1,000
per month
For You
Company Goals
Employee workflows
Custom workflow blueprint

Company specific Workflow Implementation:
Application selection
Application integration
Unique workflow routines
Custom workflow automation

2 additional workflows per month
Training Videos
Scheduled Support Calls
Max. 5 Cloud Service Providers
Agree to our Terms of Service
Willingness to change workflow habits
We will be in touch within two business days

Corporation Flow

Currently No Openings
One Time Retainer: $30,000
Agree to our Terms of Service
Submit our Application
Qualification Assessment (by Phone)
Willingness to change workflow habits
For You
One Week Analysis
Video Series & Documentation
30 Days of support
2 in-house training days (scheduled)
Your Guarantees
We will be in touch within two business days

Enterprise Flow

Currently No Openings
One Time Retainer
Agree to our Terms of Service
Submit our Application
Qualification Assessment (by Phone)
Willingness to change workflow habits
For You
Enterprise Analysis
Video Series & Documentation
60 Days of support
30 Days of on demand training sessions
Your Guarantees
We will be in touch within two business days

Our Dedicated Team

Meet the team that designed Flow

Robert Beer

CEO & Flow Analyst

Zac Martindale

CTO & Lead Developer

Michael Oates

Media & Marketing

Lee Bennett

App Consultant

Kevin Cacique


Adam Martindale

Sales Coordinator

Liam Hines


Brandon Keenan

Flow Analyst

Robert Obendorf


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