Your email address is saved in our encrypted database. We use it solely to send you emails about Flow and about our company. We do not share, sell or publish your email address in any way.

Client Information
All of the information you give us, is stored in our encrypted database and are not shared, sold or published in any way. With your permission we will publish your name, company name and your testimonials about Flow on our website or in emails to share your experience with others. In order for us to do so we require your written consent.

Google Analytics
Our website is tracked and monitored by Google Analytics. If your website is not tracked by Google Analytics, we strongly recommend its use. With this setup we know every step visitors take on our website, where they left the website and other data. All with the visitors data remaining anonymous. In case you are curious about Google's Terms of Service we linked them here.

Qualification Assessments & Interviews
All of our qualification assessments, phone calls, interviews and staff interviews will be recorded. We listen to these recordings multiple times in order to create your personalized workfflow blueprint. All recordings will be stored in our encrypted database, used solely for the design of your blueprint and for training sessions with our internal staff. These recordings will not be shared, sold or published in any way.