Terms of Service

Here at Wolvings we are all about saving people time. Our application ensures we are not wasting yours. It helps us to identify various factors about your company with which we can predetermine certain qualifications. This will result in a much more fruitful discussion between us during your qualification assessment.

In the application you will provide us with your personal information and your company's information. We will store this information in our encrypted database and prepare our discussion with you. In the next section of the application we have a series of questions for you about your company. Please make sure your answers are as thorough as possible, because our goal is to make your qualification assessment more efficient.

When we have completed the call preparations we will contact your company's regular ''Contact Us'' channels and schedule a call with you. If you would like us to contact you directly please let us know when filling out the application.

By proceeding with the application you agree to our Terms of Privacy.

Qualification Assessment
Everyone who submits an application to us will receive a phone call after approximately two business days. Sometimes it takes longer. We call this part of the process the ''Qualification Assessment''. Our goal is to find out if what we deliver will bring you closer to your goals or not. Since we offer to deliver you more time and save you more money we want to begin our relationship by wasting neither.

During the discussion we will focus on making sure you understand that in order for Flow to work properly a potentially difficult change in habits and workflows lies ahead. We know that it is difficult enough to change your own habits, but Flow requires you to change your entire organizations habits. Our team went through it when we designed and implemented it in our company. It was challenging in the beginning, but the results we have achieved in the last four years were worth it. We will discuss this with you in more detail to determine if you and your company are a good fit for Flow.

Company Analysis
Based on your package selection (Virtual Flow, In-House Flow, Flex Flow) we will conduct the analysis of your organization virtually (TeamViewer, Skype, Phone) or in person. Regardless of the package our analysis follows similar parameters.

First we conduct an entry interview with you. During this interview we will pick back up where our qualification assessment left off. This time we are going to dive into the details of your company's inner workings. This interview is designed to reveal the big picture of your company. The information we seek is about the detailed course your ship is taking. Please be as detailed as possible, do not hold back on seemingly unimportant information and discuss every detail no matter how minute it might seem.

Next we will interview your employees. We will ask about how your employees feel about their workflows and about what they like and what they are frustrated about. Furthermore we will find out how they communicate with each other, when they send emails, how they do the accounting, what they believe could be better and much more. These interviews are highly dynamic. They may turn into group sessions or even discussions. It is important to us that we have full access to your employees while we are there. We are going to be highly active with everyone. It is important that you encourage everyone to be open and honest.

Put another way: we observe how your staff currently conduct their jobs. We will look at the softwares they use, the workflows they have and how they communicate with each other. With their input about their preferences and needs we will form a clear concise picture of where inefficiencies lie and what we can do to improve your organization. It is your responsibility to schedule our analysis so that your employees are present. If we cannot interview someone, we cannot take their needs into account.

It is also important that we observe your employees while they go through their current workflows. If part of their job requires them to handle sensitive information we need to continue our observation regardless. Our team does not focus on the contents of your internal documents, only on how your staff works with them. Our contract with you includes an 'NDA' and a 'Non-Compete' agreement.

At the end of our analysis, we will conduct an exit interview with you. This interview is a summary of what we have done, what we have found and what we are going to do. It is the overview of our blueprint if you will and you are encouraged to take good notes so you can prepare yourself and your staff for what is going to come.

It is important to note that the Virtual Flow analysis and the In-House analysis will have different results. During an In-House analysis we will be able to observe your organization in a more detailed manner, which may or may not result in more efficient workflows later on. We will discuss what package is best for you in our qualification assessment.

Flow uses third party tools and services. These services require user accounts to be setup. We will setup these accounts for you with a strong and secure password. When the implementation is completed you can change the passwords and any information in those accounts. We recommend that you do not do so until the training sessions are completed. Most of the third party services either bill by usage or they bill by the number of users on their platform. Most of them require a credit card. When our analysis is completed we will provide you with a detailed breakdown of potential charges and services we plan to implement for you.

We will fix any non-functioning workflow we implemented for the first 30 days after the Flow implementation is completed (60 Days for Flex Flow). It is important that you report any and all issues to us as soon as you encounter them so that we can determine if the workflow is not working properly or if additional training for your organization is required.

Regardless of the package you choose we will provide you with a video series and detailed documentation on how to use your new workflows. We aim to make this documentation as detailed as possible in order for you to learn everything you need.

Virtual Flow Training
Included in this package are three scheduled virtual training sessions. You may schedule three training sessions with us within the first 30 days of the implementation. You set the agenda for these training sessions so that we can provide you the best possible learning expirience. These virtual training sessions must be scheduled with us in advance. Our availability is limited and it may take us up to 10 business days to assign you to an opening.

In-House Flow Training
Included in this package are two full days of in-house training sessions. We will come to you after the implementation is completed and train your organization on the usage of your new workflows. You may schedule these sessions with us within the first 30 days of the implementation. Due to limited openings these in-house training sessions must be scheduled in advance and it may take up to 10 business days before we can assign you a slot. If you wish you may schedule us for 8 virtual support sessions instead. These virtual training sessions must be scheduled with us as well, but we should be able to set you up within 3 to 5 business days.

Flex Flow Training
Flex Flow includes on demand training sessions. This means that you can call us and we will schedule an in-house training session or a virtual training session with you within 2 to 3 business days. There is no set limit on the number of training sessions you may schedule and you may do so in the first 30 days after the implementation is completed.

Our guarantees for you

No double charges
Flow is a process and we understand that you and your company might want to take smaller steps at first. We will therefore deduct any cost incurred on a smaller package from a larger package if you choose to expand your relationship with us. See what we mean in the example below:

You chose the Virtual Flow package. Your plan was to have a small investment and test the waters on how our virtual implementation will serve your business. After a few weeks of working with Flow you decide that you want to have us do a full In-House analysis to develop even more in-depth workflows for your organization. We will deduct the cost of the Virtual Flow package from your In-House Flow package.

The package that makes sense
At Wolvings we build relationships that last. One way we do this is by giving you the best solution for your business. Sometimes this means curbing your enthusiasm in our exclusive packages and recommending you a lower package for the start. This way you won't pay for something that doesn't make sense and we know that we have given you the best solution for your organization.

We will turn down In-House Flow packages and assign you to a Virtual Flow package first if we believe it makes more sense for your organization. We will not accept your hard earned money for an In-House Flow package unless your organizational structure warrants it.

We give you back your money
If our Flow process does not save you time, makes your organization more efficient or lowers your overall costs (not including our package cost) we will give you your money back. We do our best to assess potential problems in our qualification assessment call with you, but sometimes outliers occur. If this should be the case for you we will have an open and honest discussion with you, analyse what is not working and come to an agreement on what could be adjusted. However if you are not satisfied you will get your money back.